How were you founded?


MFSE Foundation Inc was founded by Tae McKenzie On March 9th, 2011. As a child she has always dreamed of modeling and acting but has always been told she couldnt because of her battle with epilepsy all her life and later suffering a stroke. Despite the odds, she still kept believing, pushing, fighting, praying, and hanging on to her faith, knowing that she was going to be that model and actor she always wanted to be.

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure that these persons are able to participate in all life experiences with freedom and ease. Along with our community partners we are committed to helping families with these disorders in rural and inner cities overcome the problems, stigmas associated with these disorders and how they are perceived, accepted and valued in society. With our assistance they can obtain self confidence, self determination, and self care, and still live their dreams.

So regardless of your disorder or sickness never let anyone tell you what you cant do and never let a disorder defeat you, you defeat it!

Our Mission

MFSE Foundation Inc mission is to find a cure, educate, bring awareness, end discrimination and provide advocacy, to existing communities resources and support services for person(s) with strokes and epilepsy.